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Alexander Buster Deputie is a firm believer in the U.S. Constitution as well as our Minnesota Constitution. His views and beliefs on specific issues facing Minnesotans today are filtered through these great documents and provide a refreshing, logical, and attainable solutions.

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I love immigration. This country is made up of immigrants. I love that America was built upon the idea that anyone can become an American citizen and it’s a privilege that we get to be a part of this great country. As an immigrant, I came to America dreaming about living the “American dream” and I have been so blessed to be a part of it.

When immigrants enter our state illegally they prohibit legal immigration because they take resources from our state that should belong to our citizens first and to the people who desire to come here legally, second. This is important to me because I personally had to wait in a refugee camp, and in the Ivory Coast, for my chance to come to America and to come to Minnesota from my war ridden country of Liberia. I did not wish to squander my opportunity here and have always been a law abiding citizen excited to finally call America my home when I received my citizenship in 2011.

I remember voting in my first election and how honored I was to have my voice heard. I believe that in order to vote, you should have proof of identification. This is a tremendous flaw in our voting system as of now and I hope to change this if I am elected.

Health Care

Free Market Healthcare: I believe we need a free market health care system where we can have inter-state health care competition. Without competition, health care companies can raise rates much higher than they would if they were competing with other health care companies outside of Minnesota.


Abortion: I desire to see the abolition of abortion. I believe that it is murder and our U.S. Constitution grants “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” not only for the born, but also for the unborn. These rights are “endowed by our Creator”.

Pro-lifers tell you what they believe, Abolitionists tell you what they are willing to do about it. I am thankful that slavery was abolished and made illegal instead of simply regulated, and I hope to see abortion also abolished during my lifetime.

Parental Rights

Parents have the greatest influence on their children. It is their decision to have children and it is their responsibility to make choices for their children. No one will love their children more then parents will or have their children’s best interest in mind as the parents. Children are NOT wards of the state. As a home educating father of seven children, I am a huge supporter of parental rights in every aspect from education to health care and medical choices.

I will work tirelessly to make sure that parental rights remain in tact and that they are not stripped away from the parents in any manner.


Successful economies need competition. We need to compete with other states as well as with other countries. We need to, therefore, be a business friendly state. Lowering taxes for businesses will make our state and our city of Saint Paul more attractive for business. More businesses means more jobs.

As Senator, I will advocate for businesses to be located specifically on the East Side of Saint Paul and promote small business on the East Side of Saint Paul.

My passion is for the small business because I am a self-employed business owner. I believe it is the small business that is the heart and soul of our city and life blood of a thriving economy.

Taxation should always be our last resort. I believe we do not only have a tax issue in Minnesota, but a mismanagement of the money that is already in the hands of the government. If we as citizens should live within our means, I believe we should hold the government to the same standard. I will work with other Legislators to hold the government accountable to how they spend your tax dollars, as well as work to lower taxes, such as property tax.


One of the most difficult decisions that a person makes in their life is how to educate themselves or their children; whether it is public school, private school or home school the options should be available to all Minnesota citizens. I believe that every American should have a choice in their child’s or their own education and their taxes should reflect that choice.

I would like to see Minnesota’s tax money go toward their desired educational choice instead of defaulting to the one-size fits all public school system.


2nd Amendment

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

– U.S. Constitution


Unfortunately, the government has already infringed much more than our founding fathers intended them to. I plan on standing firm for our rights to bear arms and believe that armed citizens are free ones. It is our duty, as citizens, to defend the lives of those we love and of those around us. I support our police department, however, we cannot rely solely upon the police for our personal security and safety. I know this first hand as, when I was just a boy in Liberia, Africa, my family hid in our house while armed gangs forced my neighbors out of their homes to steal their possessions and terrorize them. Because we were unarmed we were helpless and had to flee the country from the oppression upon us.

How do I plan on keeping guns out of criminal’s hands? Well, you don’t restrict law abiding citizens to accomplish this, you make consequences tougher on law breaking ones. We should be increasing the fines and penalties on criminals and do better at enforcing the laws we have in place, while preserving the RIGHT for law abiding Minnesotans to bear firearms.

Public Safety
Our Declaration of Independence reminds us that God endowed us with an unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, none of which are possible unless we live in safe neighborhoods. The safety of our neighborhood depends to a great extent on our own character and respect for others, and the law. Yet we know that there have always been and will always be lawbreakers who threaten us, and unpredictable events that require the life-saving efforts of first responders, fire fighters and police officers.

To secure our safety and security, then, I pledge to support the men and women who put on the uniform and risk their lives each day—and I will hold them to a high standard of conduct and practice. Let’s make sure that law enforcement and correctional officers, first responders and fire fighters are highly trained, fully prepared and have the necessary tools to do their job in a professional manner. Let’s make sure we recruit and hire individuals of the highest character for these important jobs, and then train them for competence.

We need to ensure funding is in place to attract the best candidates and then retain them. Let’s welcome them into our neighborhoods and build relationships with them.

As your State Senator, I pledge to ensure adequate funding is made available to hire, train and retain the best possible candidates to serve us, and to ensure systems of accountability are in place.

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