Meet Alexander

I came to Minnesota from Liberia at the age of 8 after staying in a refugee camp in the Ivory Coast for two years. My home town, Monrovia, Liberia was taken over by civil war and we had to escape. I recall family members speaking of America and telling me it was the “land of opportunity” and “the streets are paved with gold.” Despite the streets not actually being paved with gold, I have not been disappointed in the opportunity America has afforded me and my family.

As I sought to live this “American dream”, I ventured to accomplish what was never done in my family before. I married my beautiful wife and have seven children all of whom I am home educating. I put myself through college, while working several jobs, and successfully removed my family from all government welfare. This was an important step to me and my American dream because I was told that because of the color of my skin, I would be oppressed in anything I endeavored to do. I set out to prove this idea wrong because I believe in America and what it stands for. I purchased my family a house and started my own HVAC business. Now I am running for MN State Senate and desire so greatly to serve this state and community that provided me with a chance to work hard for the life I love.

My platform is based off the Constitution and how I vote on bills and how I will write bills will also be filtered through the lens of this great document. I believe in our U.S. Constitution and our State Constitution with every fiber of my being. I believe we have the best country to ever be on Earth, and I personally think we live in the best state of that country: Minnesota. I love Minnesota.

 In my free time I love to spend time with my wife and kids. Home educating my 7 children is one of the largest joys in my life. I also teach courses on the Constitution 1-2 times a year. I love instructing people of all ages on the absolutely amazing documents and people that founded our country. My wife and I manage a non-profit coffeehouse on White Bear Avenue. My down time is spent continually reading and studying anything that relates to History, primarily our U.S. History. I attend and am heavily involved in a church in Saint Paul and am a Bible believing Christian.


– Alexander Buster Deputie


School History

– Elementary school at Saint Anthony Park

– Junior High at Murray

– Highland Park Senior High School

– Minneapolis Community Technical College for HVAC


Other Accomplishments

– Owner of Mr. Air Handler HVAC LLC

– Became a U.S. Citizen in 2011

– Certified Instructor of U.S. Constitution Courses

– Manager of Sojourner’s Café,  a non-profit coffeehouse

– Extensive Volunteer Work with many organizations including the Saint Paul Police Department, Nursing Home Episcopal Church Home of Minnesota, Franklin Grahm Ministries, Union Gospel Mission


Bringing Minnesota Back Together Again


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